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  • The synthesis and characterization of PbS/ PVA-Mg-Al-LDH nanocomposite film

    Kh. A. Ibrahimova, A. A. Azizov, O. O. Balayeva, R. M. Alosmanov, R. M. Aghayeva, M. H. Abbasov

                 Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/CL.2022.1911.761


  • The structural, mechanical, electronic, and optical properties of Janus Hf2CXY (X, Y = O, S, Se or Te, X ≠ Y) MXenes

    R. Huang, Y. Z. Wang, C. B. Li, C. Dang

                 Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/CL.2022.1911.771


  • Copper effect on cadmium sulfide thin films for spintronics:  microstructures, morphological, photoluminescence and magnetic properties 

    M. Ahmed , A. Bakry, H. Dalir, E. R. Shaaban

                 Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/CL.2022.1911.785


  • First-principles calculations of the dynamical and thermodynamic properties of lead chalcogenides PbX (X = S, Se, Te)

    Y. Yu, X. G. Kong, Y. H. Shen, G. Q. Yin

                 Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/CL.2022.1911.793


  • Effect of composition and coordination number on some fundamental parameters in the Ge-Se glass 

    Gh. Abbady , A. Hakamy, A. M. Abd-Elnaiem

                 Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/CL.2022.1911.805 


  • Hydrothermal synthesis of ultrathin WS2 nanosheets as anodes for sodium-ion batteries

    X. H. Zhang, C. K. Yan H. B. Cao, H. Tan, Z. Wang

                 Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/CL.2022.1911.817


  • Implications changing of the CdS window layer thickness on photovoltaic characteristics of n-CdS/i-AgSe/p-CdTe solar cells

    E. E. Assem, A. Ashour, E. R. Shaaban, A Qasem

                  Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/CL.2022.1911.825


  • Structural analysis of As-S-Sb-Te polycrystalline nanostructured semiconductors

    O. Iaseniuc, M. Iovu, S. Rosoiu, M. Bardeanu, L.-B. Enache, G. Mihai, O. Bordianu, V. Verlan, I. Culeac, I. Cojocaru, M. Enachescu

                  Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/CL.2022.1911.841


  • NiCo2S4 nano composite structure with high electrochemical performance in band gap

    V. Latha, K. Sambathkumar, N. Rajkamal, M. Venkatachalapthy

                  Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/CL.2022.1911.847


  • Phase transition in ZnS nanoparticles: electrical, thermal, structural, optical, morphological, antibacterial and photocatalytic properties

    M. M. Rose, R. S. Christy, T. A. Benitta, J. T. T. Kumaran, M. R. Bindhu

                   Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/CL.2022.1911.855