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  • Plasmon induced quantified agglomeration of SiO2 nanoparticles to improve in efficiency in solar cell 

    P.  Sarkar, S. Panda, B. Maji, A. K. Mukhopadhyayan

              Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2022.186.723


  • Tuning structural and wettability properties of glass using ellipsoidal TiO2 nanoparticles

    A. M. Machinin, A. Awang, C. F. Pien, S. K. Ghoshal

               Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2022.186.731


  • Structural, optical and magnetic properties of dilute magnetic semiconductor of Zn1-xNixO thin films for spintronic devices

    M. Ahmed, A. Bakry, H. Dalir, E. R. Shaaban

               Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2022.186.739


  • Modeling and analysis of grating structure for enhancing the absorbance in InGaN-based solar cell

    A. Merabti, H. Aissani, S. Nour, R. Abdeldjebar, A.A. Djatout

               Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2022.186.753


  • Nitrogen doped ZrO2 thin films: synthesis and characterization 

    V. Ciupină, , M.  Albu, A. Caraiane, C. Porosnicu, C. Staicu, V. Nicolescu, R. Manu

               Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2022.186.759


  • Numerical modeling of p-i-n GaAs solar cell performance

    E. Chahid, M. Nachaoui, Y. Mir, A. Amine, M.A. Kinani, A. Elrharib, R. Abdia, A. Koumina, A. Malaoui, M. Zazoui

               Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2022.186.769


  • Structural, elastic, optical and thermodynamic properties of CdGeP2 from theoretical prediction

    S. R. Zhang, Z. J. Zhu, H. J. Hou, L. H. Xie

               Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2022.186.781


  • A first-principles investigation into the electronic characteristics of phase changes in ZnO at high pressures

    Y. Benkrima, M.E. Soudani, D. Belfennache, H. Bouguettaia, A. Souigat

               Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2022.186.797


  • Magento optical properties and structure of tellurite glasses modified by alkaline ions

    A. M. Al-Syadi, M. Alfarh, H. Algarni, Mohammed S. Alqahtani, M. Reben, H. Afifi,  El Sayed Yousef

               Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2022.186.805


  • Electrical characteristics and conductive mechanisms of AlN-based memristive devices

    J. Wen, W. Hua, Q. K. Gong, B. Wang

                Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2022.186.815