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  • Structural and magnetic characterizations of Co substituted Ni-Cu-Zn nanoferrites

    Ch. Sianglam, L. R. Singh, B. Thangjam

                  Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2024.202.125


  • Effect of annealing temperature on the physical of nanostructured TiO2 films prepared by sol-gel method

    A. A. Abdul Razaq, F. H. Jasim, S. S. Chiad, F. A. Jasim,  Z. S. A. Mosa, Y. H. Kadhim 

                  Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2024.202.131


  • Synthesis and Exploring structural, magnetic, morphology and optical properties of La2−xAlxCuO4 (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.25) perovskite nanoparticles by microwave-assisted combustion method

    S. Yuvaraj, P. Aji Udhaya, S. Deepa, M. Sundararajan, R. Jothiramalingam, H. Al-Lohedan, H. Al-Sigh, A. A. Nazeer

                  Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2024.202.143


  • Sr0.99Zr(PO4)2:0.01Eu3+ ceramic glass for photoluminescence applications

    N. Thiruveni, R. Mathammal

                  Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2024.202.155


  • Electrical simulation and optimization of organic photovoltaic cells based PTB7:PC70BM

    S. Bensenouci, K. Rahmoun, A. Aissat

                   Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2024.202.163


  • Combustion synthesis of Ce/Mg co-doped ZnO nanoparticles as a visible-light-driven photocatalyst

    A. Phuruangrat, T. Thongtem, S. Thongtem

                   Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2024.202.177


  • Numerical analysis of ultra-thin MASnI3 based perovskite solar cell by SCAPS-1D

    Al. A. Siddique, S. Bin Helal, M. I. Haque

                   Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2024.202.187


  • Pure MnO2, Ni/MnO2, Ni/MnO2@PVA and Ni/MnO2@PVP polymetrix nanocomposites for energy storage device

    M. Sivakumar, P. Kanakarajan, V. Jeevanantham

                   Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2024.202.201


  • DFT study of mechanical, optoelectronic, and thermoelectric characteristics of double perovskites Li2CuTiZ6 (Z = Cl, Br, I) for energy harvesting technology

    N. A. Noor, K. Abid, I. M. Moussa, S. Mumtaz

                   Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2024.202.209


  • Raman spectroscopy study on the vibration and structural changes of graphene oxide: effect of laser power and time

    S. Yadav, S. K. Padhi, Ch. Srinivasulu, K. L. Naidu

                   Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2024.202.221


  • Methyl-ammonium lead iodide hybrid perovskite thin film as active material for energy conversion devices

    J. Chaudhary, R. Agrawal, D. Kumar, S. K. Pathak, M. Chandra, S. Kumar, A. S. Verma

                   Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2024.202.233


  • Device simulation and optimization of  HTL-free perovskite solar cell with CH3NH3SnBr3 as the absorber layer using solar cell capacitance simulator software

    M. V. Kavitha, C. K. Anjali, K. S. Sudheer

                   Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2024.202.245


  • Physical  and  sensing characterization of nanostructured Ag doped TiO2 thin films 

    M.  S. Sada , R. I. Jasim, A. M. Saleh, K. N. Hussein, N. F. Habubi, S. S. Chiad

                   Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2024.202.255


  • Synthesis of zinc oxide thin films by spray pyrolysis technique

    M. Sudha, A.B. Madhan, E. Geetha,  R. Satheeskumar

                   Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2024.202.267