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The Stanford R. Ovshinsky Prize for Excellence in Amorphous Chalcogenides
for the Year 2006

was conferred in Grenoble (France)

During European Symposium on Phase Change and Ovonic Science, E*PCOS-2006
Held as joint Meeting with Innovative Mass Storage Technologies(IMST)
May 29 - May 31, Grenoble


Prof. Dr. Miloslav Frumar
University of Pardubice

    Prof. Miloslav Frumar, Ph. D., DSc., was born in Horky, n. Jiz., Czechoslovakia, July 18, 1936. From 1955 to 1959 he studied and finished with honours chemistry in Prague Institute of Chemical Technology. From 1959 to 1961 he studied Physical Chemistry in Mendeleev Institute of Chemical Technology in Moscow, where he got the MSc diploma with the thesis on ZnS and CdS powders doped by sulphur and various metals. In 1961 he started the research and teaching career with the Institute of Chemical Technology in Pardubice. Prof. Frumar received his PhD degree in 1965 with the thesis on luminescence and crystallographic defects of CdI2 based powders and thin films. 
    In 1981 Prof. Frumar defended his DSc thesis in Charles University, Prague.
    The research activity of Prof. Frumar was confined mostly on Solid State Chemistry and Materials Science. In this area, particularly in the research of crystalline and amorphous chalcogenides, he founded a school of solid state chemistry and physics in Pardubice. He and his co-workers contributed basically to the understanding of the mechanisms of photo-induced changes and to the elucidation of the physico-chemical properties of chalcogenides. In applications, Prof. Frumar worked on luminescence properties of crystalline powders, amorphous thin films of halides and chalcogenides and to thick resistor films. He contributed to the development of thick film resistors, based on ruthenium compounds and application in Tesla plant in Lansktoun, Czechoslovakia. In the last years prof. Frumar developed important studies on non-volatile, multi-level phase change memories. 
    Prof. Frumar is author or co-author of more than 300 papers and19 patents.
    Prof. Frumar was Chairman of the Department of Inorganic Chemistry of Pardubice University, founder and vice-head of Joint Laboratory of Solid State Chemistry of Czech Academy of Sciences and University of Pardubice. In 1985 he was awarded with State Prize for research in Chemistry (Amorphous Semiconductors). In 1994 he got the Medal of Czech Technical Foundation, in 2000 he won the Medal of University of Pardubice. In 2002 he was named Knight of the Order of Academic Palm by French Government. 




Prof. Miloslav Frumar