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  • Study of ionizing radiation attenuation of glass as: gamma rays shielding material

    A. M. Alqahtani, M. S. Alqahtani, K. I. Hussein, A. J. Alkulib, F. F. Alqahtani, N. Elkhoshkhany, I. S. Yaha, M. Reben, E. Yousef

             Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/CL.2022.194.227


  • Effect of substrate temperature on some optical properties of SnO:ZnS4, SnO:CoS4 SnO:CuS4 and SnO:Cr3+ thin films deposited using spray pyrolysis technique

    C. A. Elekwa, C. N. Ukwu, P. E. Agbo, O. C. Ozibo

             Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/CL.2022.194.241


  • Contribution to the study of a CdS / CZTS-based solar cell with a gradual BSF layer

    A. Hemmani, B. Merah, H. Khachab

             Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/CL.2022.194.259


  • Yb/WO3/Ga2S3/Au multifunctional electronic hybrid devices fabricated as tunneling diodes, MOSFETS, microwave resonators and 5G band pass/reject filters

    A. F. Qasrawi,  S. N. Abu Alrub

             Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/CL.2022.194.267


  • Investigation of the role of annealing time in the optical, structural and morphological properties of trinary CdZnS thin films prepared by chemical bath deposition 

    M. M. Hadi, K. A. Mohammed

             Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/CL.2022.194.277


  • High-temperature oxidation resistance of NiCrAlY columnar microcrystalline coating deposited by EDS

    R. Y. Wang, X. L. Feng, C. Yang, R. Wang, C. A. Guo, J. Zhang

             Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/CL.2022.194.285


  • The dependence of the energy density states on the substitution of chemical elements in the Se6Te4-xSbx thin film

    B. A. Ahmed, J. S. Mohammed, R. N. Fadhil, K. A. Jasim, A. H. Shaban, A. H. Al Dulaimi

             Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/CL.2022.194.301