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  • Thermal conductivity and lattice dynamics of thermoelectric oxychalcogenide BiCuTeO

    M. Guenfoud, M. Hamouda

                      Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/CL.2023.2010.697


  • Study of structural, morphological and optical properties of Mn+2 doped CdS nanoparticles synthesized at various doping concentration

     R. Ranjan, C. M. S. Negi, S. K. Choubey, K. P. Tiwary

                       Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/CL.2023.2010.709


  • Steady-state and transient photocurrents of As-S-Sb-Te amorphous thin films

    O. V. Iaseniuc, M. S. Iovu

                       Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/CL.2023.2010.725


  • Enhancement efficiency of cadmium selenium solar cell by doping within silver

    M. H. Mustafa, H. M. Ali, G. S. Ahmed, B. H. Hussein

                       Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/CL.2023.2010.733


  • Influence of deposition voltage on tribological properties of W-WS2 coatings deposited by electrospark deposition

    T. X. Liu, C. A. Guo , F. S. Lu, X. Y. Zhang, L. Zhang, Z. J. Wang, Z. Y. Xu, G. L. Zhu

                       Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/CL.2023.2010.741


  • Retraction notice: Optimization of chemical bath deposited CdSSe thin films

    M. A. Jafarov, E. F. Nasirov, V. Mammadov, S. A. Jahangirova

                       Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/CL.2023.2010.751


  • Nucleation and growth study of SnS nanostructures prepared by electrodeposition method

    A. Nouri, D. Dekhil, H. Guessas

                       Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/CL.2023.2010.753