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  • Thermodynamic properties of chalcogenide and pnictide ternary tetrahedral semiconductors

    S. Pal, D. Sharma, M. Chandra, M. Mittal, P. Singh, M. Lal, A. S. Verma

            Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/CL.2024.211.1


  • Er3+-doped SiO2-TeO2-ZnO-Na2O thin film fabricated by ultrafast laser plasma doping under different ambient atmospheres

    S. A. Kamil, G. Jose

            Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/CL.2024.211.11


  • Kinetics of thermally induced processes in Ag doped As40Se30Te30 chalcogenide glass

    R. Vigi, G. R. Štrbac, D.D. Štrbac , O. Bošák, M. Kubliha

            Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/CL.2024.211.21


  • Theoretical study on the elastic and thermodynamic properties of CdS

    G. Hao, H. J. Hou, S. R. Zhang, L. H. Xie

            Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/CL.2024.211.39


  • DFT insights on the Be1-xCrxS alloys for optoelectronic and magnetic devices

    N. Kanwal, M. Ishfaq, S. A. Aldaghfag. S. Saleem, M. Yaseen

            Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/CL.2024.211.53


  • Thermal stability and crystallization kinetic of Se-Te-Ag glassy alloys and thick films for electronic devices

    K. I. Hussain, A. Ashour, E. S. Yousef, E. R. Shaaban

            Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/CL.2024.211.65


  • Performance of high sensitive heterojunction CuS/porous silicon photodetector

    A. A. Ahmed, G.  G. Ali, N. A. Daham

            Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/CL.2024.211.81


  • Effect of annealing temperature on the structural and optical properties of vacuum evaporated Cu13Se52Bi35 thin films

    A. B. Alwany, A. Alnakhlani, B. Hassan, M. A. Algradee, R. A. Fouad, A. A. Alfaqeer

            Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/CL.2024.211.99