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  • Superior efficiency for homojunction GaAs solar cell

    Ala'eddin A. Saif, M. Albishri, A. Mindil, M. Qaeed

               Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2023.191.1


  • Manufacturing Br:CO3O4 /Si Heterojunction For Photodetector Applications

    H. K. Hassun, B. K. H. Al-Maiyaly, B. H. Hussein

                Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2023.191.15


  • Mechanical, structural and optical properties of pristine and PVA capped zinc oxide nanocomposites

    P. Gopinath, P. Suresh, V.Jeevanantham

                Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2023.191.23


  • Numerical simulation of SnS/CZTSSe heterojunction solar cells

    J. R. Yuan, J. S. Wang, S. Q. Liu, H. H. Zhao, P. Wang, X. H. Deng

                Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2023.191.31


  • Investigations on the synthesis and growth and structural, spectral, optical, mechanical and thermal properties of non-linear optical single crystals of Bis-L-Seriniumoxalate Dihydrate (BLSOD)

    A. M. Hidayathullah, R. S. Samuel, V. Chithambaram,  R. Raja, S. Janarthanan

                Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2023.191.43


  • Low-cost nebulizer spray deposited conduction mechanism of thin film ZnO nanoparticles

    B. Amudhavalli, R. Mariappan, M. Prasath

                Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2023.191.53


  • Synthesis and characterizations of nickel doped Co-Zn-Y ferrites 

    H. T. Ali, N. Amin, M. Akhtar, M. I. Arshad, M. K. Athar, N. A. Morley, M. Yusaf, Z. Latif, K. Mehmood

                Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2023.191.65


  • Preparation and characterization of ferrous manganese thin films for magnetic storage devices

    A. Poongodi, N. Thangaraj, M. Sudha

                Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2023.191.73


  • Electron confinement enhancement in AlGaN/AlN/GaN HEMT using BGaN buffer

    M. Gassoumi, A. Helali, M. Gassoumi, Z. Elleuch, N. Boughdiri, H. Guesmi, S. Rejab, H. Maaref

                Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2023.191.81


  • The development of ultra-high aluminium graphene metal matrix composites (MMC) and improved the thermo-mechanical properties 

    M. Velliangiri, M. Karthikeyan, G. Sureshkannan

                Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2023.191.87


  • Magneto-optic and mechanical properties of TeO2 with K2TeO3 doped with rare earth 

    K. I. Hussein, R. A. Al-Qahtani, N. Alzedanie, S. A. Muhammad, M. S. Alqahtani, I. S. Asiri, M. Reben, E. Yousef

                Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2023.191.105


  • Cesium-metalloid halide perovskites MBX3 (M1+= Cs; B2+= Si, Ge, Sn, Pb; X= Cl, Br, I) as semiconductor photovoltaic materials for sustainable renewable-energy applications

    A. Almeshal, M. Musa Saad H.-E, B. O. Alsobhi

                Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2023.191.113