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  • Influence of Cu substitution on structural, morphological and optical properties of Cr/ZnO nanopowders

    M. Santhosh, S. Satheeskumar, C. Shanthi, B. V. Bhuvaneswari

             Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2022.182.113


  • Highly crystalline zinc stannate nanocatalyst for rhodamine 6G degradation: synthesis and characterization

    S. Haq, M. B. Ali, A. Mezni, A. Hedfi, W. Rehman, M. Waseem, M. U Rehman, B. Khan, S. U. Din, F. U. Rehman, S. A. Abbasi, A. L. Lone

             Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2022.182.121


  • GaP-filled PCF with ultra-high birefringence and nonlinearity for distinctive optical applications

    N. Mohammadd, L. F. Abdulrazak, S. R. Tahhan, R. Amin, S. M. Ibrahim, K. Ahmed, F. M. Bui 

             Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2022.182.129


  • Effect of thulium boro-tellurite glass system on radiation shielding parameters 

    A. Azuraida, O. Nurshahidah, W. Y. W. Yusoff, R. Falihan, N. A. Abdul-Manaf, N. Ahmad

             Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2022.182.141


  • Studies of visible-light-driven Sm-doped ZnO nanoparticles synthesized by combustion method

    A. Phuruangrat, S. Thamsukho,  S. Thungprasert, T. Sakhon, T. Thongtem, S. Thongtem

             Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2022.182.149


  • Electrical characterization of AlGaN/GaN/Si high electron mobility transistors 

    H. Mosbahi, M. Gassoumi, A. Guesmi, N. Ben Hamadi, M.A. Zaid

              Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2022.182.159


  • Facile synthesis and complete characterization of Zn1-xSrxAl2O4 (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.5) spinel nanoparticles using combustion technique 

    R. Jothiramalingam, K. Mathankumar,  M. Sundararajan, M. Sukumar, J. A. Dhanraj, R. Divya,  H. A. Al-Lohedan, M. Chandrasekaran, D. M. Al-Dhayan

              Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2022.182.167


  • Synthesis and characterization of some C-Ti based multilayer and composite nanostructures 

    V. Ciupina, C. P. Lungu, R. Vladoiu, G. C. Prodan, C. Porosnicu, E. Vasile, M. Prodan, V. Nicolescu, V. Dinca, O. Cupsa, A. Velea, R. Manu

              Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2022.182.177


  • Structural, morphological, optical and electrochemical characterization of Ag2O/ZnO and ZnO/Ag2O nanocomposites

    W. H. Al-Qahtani, G. Murugadoss, K. Narthana, M. R. Kumar, J. R. Rajabathar, A. Kathalingam

              Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2022.182.187


  • Growth and characterization of DL-Norleucine maleate crystals

    A. Z. Bazeera, D. Muthuraj, A. S. Mohamed, S. C. V. Durai, M. A. Nashrin

              Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2022.182.195


  • Synthesis of CuO/SnO2 NPs on quartz substrate for temperature sensors application

    A. D. Faisal, W. K. Kalef, E. T. Salim, F. H. Alsultany

              Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2022.182.205


  • Preparation and synthesis of the nanoferrite Ni0.3Co0.2Zn0.5AlxFe2-xO4 utilizing sol-gel auto-combustion approach

    R. A. Munef, B. A. Omar, S. J. Fathi

              Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2022.182.213


  • Synthesis and characterization of G-C3N4 @ ZnO photo catalyst on removal of toxic pollutants

    S. Kalaiarasan, C. Shanthi

              Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2022.182.219


  • Deposition of (Ag,Cu)2Zn(Sn,Ge)S4 thin films on Mo-coated glass substrate by vacuum magnetron sputtering and post-sulfurization techniques

    J. X. Xu, X. Tian

              Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2022.182.227


  • A study of the optical resonances of various nanostructured silver systems with cylindrical symmetry

    J. L. García-Romero, T. Mendívil-Reynoso, E. Samano-Hermosillo, J. Montaño-Peraza, L. P. Ramírez-Rodríguez

              Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2022.182.239


  • Yb/WO3/Yb back to back Schottky barriers designed as voltage controlled rectifiers and as microwave resonators

    A. F. Qasrawi, R. B. Daragme

              Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2022.182.253


  • A comparative study of the properties of yttrium and lanthanum aluminates obtained by Pechini sol–gel process 

    I. Carazeanu Popovici, A. Diacon, F. Moscalu, A. Dumbrava

              Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2022.182.259


  • Study the effects of MgO nanoparticle addition on superconducting characteristics of Bi1.6 Ag0.4Sr1.9Ba0.1Ca2Cu3O10+δ system

    A. S. Baqi, N. S. Abed, S. J. Fathi

               Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2022.182.273


  • A study of dielectrics generated by electro-less electrochemical method for semiconductor devices

    K. Umamakeshvari, S. C. Vella Durai

               Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2022.182.281


  • Low cost hydrothermal synthesis of optically important graphene/zinc oxide nanocomposites

    J. B. Kaundal, R. Mohapatra, R. K. Tiwari, Y. C. Goswami

               Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2022.182.291