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  • Effects of composition on the structure, thermal and some physical characteristics of Bi2O3-B2O3-ZnO-SiO2 glasses

    Yu. S. Hordieiev, A. V. Zaichuk

                  Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2024.203.273


  • Simulation of sodium diborate glass containing lead and cadmium oxides for radiation shielding applications

    M. M. Damoom, A. M. Alhawsawi, E. Banoqitah, E. B. Moustafa, O. H. Sallam, A. H. Hammad

                   Download PDF  DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2024.203.285


  • Novel synthesis and spectroscopic analysis of gallium oxide doped zinc phosphate glass

    A. Batool, Z. Hussain, M. I. Din

                   Download PDF D DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2024.203.295


  • Absorber layer improvement and performance analysis of CIGS thin-film solar cell

    A. Khamis , N. I. M. Rodzi, N. Z. A. Naharuddin

                    Download PDF D DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2024.203.309


  • Investigations on synthesis, growth and characterisations of a NLO material: L-Tryptophanium phosphite (LTP)

    P. D. H. B. Santhi, R. S. Samuel, R. Raja, A. M. Hidayathullah, S. Janarthanan, P. Suresh 

                    Download PDF D DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2024.203.325


  • Probing optoelectronic and thermoelectric properties of double perovskite halides Li2CuInY6 (Y = Cl, Br, I) for energy conversion applications

    N. Ahmad Noor, F. Nasrullah, H. O. Elansary, S. Mumtaz

                    Download PDF D DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2024.203.333


  • Modified nonlinear ion drift model for TiO2 memristor: a temperature dependent study

    S. Panda, C. S. Dash, R. Jothiramalingam, H. Al-Lohedan 

                   Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2024.203.345


  • Electrochemical performance of rice grains like high Mn-doped anatase TiO2 nanoparticles as lithium-ion batteries electrode material

    H. Q. Zhao, L. Li, Q. S. Yuan

                   Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2024.203.357


  • Optical parameters extraction of zinc oxide thin films doped with manganese using an innovative technique based on the dragonfly algorithm and their correlation to the structural properties

    K. Settara, F. Lekoui, H. Akkari, E. Garoudja, R. Amrani, W. Filali, S. Oussalah, S. Hassani

                   Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2024.203.365


  • Structural, optoelectronic, thermal and transport properties of hybrid perovskite (EAGeCl3) material

    A. Dubey, K. Mishra, R. Srivastava, A. Kumari, P. K. Jangra, T. K. Joshi, B. L. Choudhary, A. S. Verma

                   Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2024.203.381


  • Improvement of DC and RF characteristics for a novel AlGaAs/InGaAs HEMT with decreased single event effect 

    K. Xu, H. Y. Wang, E. L. Chen, S. X. Sun, H. L. Wang, H. Y. Mei

                   Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2024.203.395


  • Tungsten oxide nanomaterial interactions below monolayer coverage

    F. Aguilera, M. Cota-Leal, P. Luque, A. Olivas

                   Download PDF DOI: 10.15251/JOR.2024.203.405